Monday, 15 April 2013

Quick Guide to the Application Formats of Universities in Canada

Applying to the universities in Canada can be a tough job since the demand of students to study in such universities is increasing but the seats are limited. The admission boards use both subjective and objective elements during the application process to determine which candidates are welcomed.

First of all look for the essential things needed for the application. The admission requirements for the Top universities in Canada vary. As soon as you have determined the university of your interest straightway contact the admitting authority of that university to know the admission requirements. Today, such information is available live on the websites. You can check it from there. Generally the requirements include some essential documents like resumes, criminal record check, letters of reference, a portfolio, an essay or letter of intent and others. International candidates need to submit the proof of their English proficiency via language test rankings.

Secondly, you should know the right time to apply to Canadian universities. The application procedures in such universities are competitive and hence an early start can help you succeed. An early start means minimum 6 to 8 months before the date of application (September or January). Some universities in Canada follow “rolling admission” process which means they accept international students’ application throughout the year whenever they receive it. There are certain Canadian universities which have application deadlines separately designed for international and local candidates, so you need to check which one applies to you.

Lastly, you are to download the application form, fill it up and submit before the deadline along with the essential documents.

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